professional development for educators

More and more parents are wanting to see their kids develop resilience and life long skills through nature play. Let us show your staff some of the most valuable and 'on trend' skills for incorporating nature based learning in your education setting.


intro to bush kindy

Learn the principals and philosophies behind forest school/bush kindy and how to implement outdoor learning.

Full day workshop | $220 Per Person

Brisbane  |  18 May  |  13  June  |  25 July

Sunshine Coast  |  9  May |  27  July  | 12 Sept


cubbies, shelters & KNOTS

How to tie a variety of knots to use when creating handicrafts and help to create a risk assessment for building cubbies, shelters and using ropes.

Full day workshop | $110 Per Person

Brisbane |  14 Sept

Sunshine Coast  |  10 Aug


intro to beach kindy

Learn the principals and philosophies behind forest school and how to implement outdoor learning in a beach setting.

Full day workshop | $220 Per Person

Sunshine Coast  |  21 Nov


 intro to using hand tools

Learn how to safely use and manage a variety of tools  with specific training in the use of bow saws, pen knives, axes and hand drills.

Full day workshop | $244 Per Person

Brisbane |  16 May  |  22 Aug

Sunshine Coast  |  7 Sept


respectful communication

Tried and tested methods of communicating with children with respect and integrity.

2 hour workshop | $50 Per Person

Sunshine Coast  | 15 Aug



intro to fire

Learn how to safely build, manage and extinguish fires. Create risk benefit assessments & policies for fire activities like playdough, eco dying and charcoal.

Full day workshop | $275 Per Person

Brisbane |  30 May  |  22  June  |  8 Aug

Sunshine Coast  |  25  May |  6  June  | 1 Aug



Principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship and how to not cause unintended damage

Half day workshop | $110 Per Person

Brisbane |  15 Aug

Sunshine Coast  |  15 Aug

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