School & Early Years Programs, Excursions and Incursions

Are you looking for something a little different for your School or Early Years program? Looking to bring the outdoors in? Or better yet, looking to get your students out of the classroom? Wildlings Forest School creates customised regular in-house programs, as well as one off excursions and incursions for public, private and independent schools and early years services based on your needs.

Being teachers ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to meet curriculum requirements and keep students engaged, interested and motivated to learn. We tailor our programs to meet all your curriculum requirements whilst engaging students, encouraging a growth mindset and developing their social and emotional well-being whilst we're at it.

So, whether you are looking at booking a once off incursion, a multi-week program at your own wild space, or an excursion to one of our stunning Forest or Beach School sites - we have something that will get your students engaged and having fun!


Don't have a wild space at your school or service? Don't have the space (or the risk assessments) for a fire pit? Don't want to spend money and maintain expensive resources like hand tools? Want to get your children out in nature on a regular basis? Then come and experience an excursion at one of our amazing forest school sites!


Wildlings Forest School
(based on the banks of Petrie Creek)
Sunshine Coast PCYC,
Youth Ave, Burnside

Centres will have access to the fresh, flowing creek water, our 'cubby house' with bush slide entry and fire circle.

Woodfordia (Woodford Folk Festival site)
Woodrow Road, Woodford

Centres will have access to a myriad of locations within the 500 acre festival site, pending the activities chosen. Dams, creeks, native forests, bamboo sculptures, art and more await.

We will of course tailor your incursion or excursion to suit your needs. Some examples of activities we can offer include:

  • Fire/Bush Cooking
  • Hand Tools
  • Cubby Town (Shelter & Tipee Building)
  • Ropes, Knots & Lashings
  • Natural Crafts
  • Weaving
  • Water Play Activities
  • Art, Literacy, Numeracy or STEM in Nature
  • Seasonal Crafts e.g. Natural Christmas Decorations

Prices for excursion days will vary on the number of children, length of program, skills and staff required to run. Please download our Excursion Information Pack below for more details.


Our prices are comparable to supply teachers, so if you are looking for an exciting new way to relieve your staff for non-contact time on a regular basis - we can help. This means no lesson-planning for teachers, at a lower cost to your school, all whilst children are creating their own learning. Contact us to arrange a free site visit (yours or ours) to discuss how we can tailor make a program for you today!

PLEASE NOTE: Special days such as Outdoor Classroom Day, World Environment Day, Earth Hour Day etc book out fast. Please book early to avoid disappointment!

Disengaged Students & Students with Needs

Forest School benefits children of all ages but research shows that Forest School especially benefits those students who are disengaged at school or who have needs. Students who may not 'succeed' in your typical 'academic' classroom thrive in spaces that allow them to take risks, challenge themselves, let out their beans and use their 'outdoor voices'. Indeed these students often find themselves becoming leaders in these spaces. Peers (and teachers) get to see these students in a new light and the increased self-esteem and confidence these sessions brings to such students is invaluable and often trickles back into the classroom.

Contact us for more information on how we can engage your students with activities, information, skills and data that you can take back into the classroom.