Let's journey into the wild once more as we come together to play, learn and create new memories at Forest School this school holidays.

There are no walls in our classroom, it's just you, us and the trees!

Come find us behind the Sunshine Coast PCYC, Youth Ave, Nambour

Beach School will meet at La Balsa Park, Point Cartwright


Raft Building

Will you sink or will you float?

Children will use hand tools (including bow saws, hammers, hand drills etc) and up-cycled materials to build a life-sized raft to float in the creek.

There are no instructions, they need to work together to figure it out!

3hr Session | $44 Per child

Monday January 6th 1:00pm

Monday January 13th 1:00pm

Wednesday January 15th 1:00pm

Monday January 20th 1:00pm

tree climbing web

recreational tree climbing

Professional Aborist, Nick from TreeCo, will be in the Forest to get your budding adventurer swinging from the trees!

While safely secured in modern Arboriculture tree climbing equipment, Nick will be helping children to scale heights into the canopy and challenge their personal boundaries.

3hr Session | $44 Per child

Thursday January 16th 1:00PM
Friday January 17th 9:00AM



Let us teach you the art of whittling so that you can create your own bows and arrows out of local weed species.

You will use round tip pen knives to skillfully remove the outer bark to craft and decorate a bow and arrows

3hr Session | $44 Per child

Monday January 13th 9:00AM
Tuesday January 21st 1:00PM
Thursday January 23rd 1:00PM



For those older and wiser  Wildlings who have perhaps already conquered the whittling knife but are ready to create something more unique and challenging. A great opportunity to have some peer-to-peer learning as they gather materials, skillfully use tools and create new and inventive bows & arrows of their own design.

3hr Session | $44 Per child

Thursday January 23rd 1:00PM


adventure club

Adventure Club is great open ended session for your Wildlings. There is no set activity, rather we provide children with the tools, the space, the skills and the guidance to make, craft and play to their hearts content. Want to make a bug hotel? We've got the materials and tools for that. Want to build a cubby house? We’ve got the natural resources, ropes, hand tools and sheets for that. Bush Club is all about free play in nature with friends.

3hr Session | $44 Per child

Wednesday January 8th 1:00PM
Thursday January 16th 1:00PM
Friday January 24th 9:00AM



Let's explore the rock pools at Point Cartwright! Vicci (our resident Marine Biologist) will introduce your child to a whole new ecosystem of creatures that call the beach 'home'. We can splash in the puddles, make sandcastles or just play with our new friends.

3hr Session | $44 Per child

Tuesday January 7th 9:00AM
Monday January 20th 9:00AM

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Primitive weapons

Join us as we teach you the art of whittling so that you can create your own primitive weapons for imaginary play. Ideas include spears, knives, swords and mallets all carved from wood you will saw down yourself from invasive weed species!

3hr Session | $44 Per child

Thursday January 9th 1:00PM
Tuesday January 14th 1:00PM
Friday January 17th 1:00PM



Come and help us build CUBBY TOWN! Teepees, shelters, thatched hideouts, tree dens and more! The forest is the perfect place to create secret spaces, hidden away from the world.

Learn some knots, challenge yourself to see if you can make your shelter waterproof. Let's make a village!

3hr Session | $44 Per child

Friday January 10th 1:00PM

Wednesday January 15th 9:00AM
Tuesday January 21st 9:00AM

All programs are a drop-off service to children over 7 years. You can also book for a full day (two sessions) and our staff will supervise your child during the lunch break at no extra charge.  Just send a quick email to hello@wildlingsforestschool.com letting us know you've booked your back to back sessions.

Children younger than 7 will require carer supervision for the duration of their session.