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KiddiKutter is designed for children 3 years & older to cut their own food safely. This fabulous knife will cut anything that a sharp knife can but it won’t cut kids’ fingers due to the rounded serrations of the stainless steel blade. Kiddikutter is not sharp, so it won’t chop; it works by using a sawing action. 

KiddiKutter knives are a fun and safe way for parents to teach their kids one of the most important life skills – cooking. We find that our children eat more easily when they are involved in the making of meals and our little Wildlings have used these knives for years. 

A fun way to improve fine motor skills, you and your children will have safe, stress-free fun in the kitchen. Please expect the contents of your fridge and fruit-bowl to be experimented on!

6 funky colours, BPA free with a food safe coated stainless steel blade and easy grip BPA free handle, KiddiKutters cut food, not fingers. 


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Purple, Pink, Green, Orange, Red, Blue


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