Base Camp Kelly Kettle – Large Stainless Steel 1.5L


Stainless Steel Kettle + Stainless Steel base + carry Bag. Great camping equipment – ideal for car Camping, Survival Kit, etc. Boils 6 Cups of water at a time.

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The Kelly Kettle has become a staple item at Forest School, burning away to provide endless cups of hot chocolate and tea for our Wildlings.With a handful of fuel and 1.5 litres of water, the Kelly Kettle is a powerful tool to help children to learn the safe use of fire in the outdoors. Whether it is used to create a hot drink, or to warm water for washing dishes, the Kelly Kettle is a essential component of a holistic outdoor program.

The Kelly Kettle combines lightweight portability with efficient design and reliability. This Stainless Steel kettle (and steel base) boils approximately 6 cups of water at a time. Not only is the Kelly Kettle ideal for Forest School and Bush Kindy programs, it is perfect for anglers, car camping, Scouts, picnics, hunters, garden allotments, caravaning, camping gear, wilderness survival kits, or anyone who works or plays in the outdoor.

As the kettles work extremely well in both good and harsh weather conditions, they are an extremely important piece of camping equipment for any outdoor person. The storm-proof design protects the fuel from high winds and rain. Using whatever natural fuel is lying around (twigs, dry grass, heather, dry bark, pine cones, dry animal dung, etc) our kettles will bring water to the boil within a matter of minutes. Never carry fuel again.

Our kettles are cost-FREE to run, eco-friendly as they operate on carbon neutral fuels, and are great fun to use.

Product Dimensions: 

Height……….. 34cm (kettle excl. box)
Diameter…… 18.7cm (widest point at rim of base)
Capacity……. 1.5 Ltr
Weight……….  1.18kg (Kettle & base on its own)
Weight……….  1.45kg in packaging.

Fire Base & Drawstring carrying bag are included as standard with each kettle.

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