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Our Partners

Wildlings Forest School wouldn't be where we are today without the generous support of our partners. Our children benefit in a myriad of ways from their generosity: from healthy snacks to tools, expertise to staff volunteer hours. As we well know, the benefits of participation in a Forest School program are wide and far reaching. We can't thank you enough for your altruism and for playing your part in helping protect our natural environments through instilling a love of nature in our children.

Meet our Partners

We partner with USC for their Wider Field Experience program and collobarated with them on their research project at Mary Cairncross Reserve regarding how children play in nature. We intend to work together on more research projects in the future.

Opinel generously donated the round tipped pen knives that our children love and use so much for whittling, carving and any other reason they can think of. They are by far our most used and coveted tool!

EcoCocoon generously supplied our indestructible stainless steel cups that we use all throughout the Summer to quench our thirst (don't tell them but sometimes we have to retrieve the cups from the mud kitchen equipment too...). We love them because we will NEVER have to replace them. It's just one way we can contribute by buying and using less.

Partner with Us

Partner with us to help our children become the next generation of environmental stewards!