Don't have a wild space at your school or service? Don't have the space (or the risk assessments) for a fire pit? Don't want to spend money and maintain expensive resources like hand tools? Want to get your children out in nature on a regular basis? Then come and experience an excursion at one of our amazing forest school sites!


Wildlings Forest School, Sunshine Coast PCYC, Nambour  and  Woodfordia  Woodrow Road, Woodford

Activities include:


Raft Building

Utilise our crystal clear, shallow, slow flowing creek to build your own big rafts from pallets, plastic tubs, ropes and bamboo to float down the creek. This is a wet session full of laughter where children learn that failing is fun! Children will have access to the hand saw and hand drills in this session.

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Fire & Bush Cooking

This session feels like camping!  Children will learn to light a fire using a flint, light and safely manage a kelly kettle (billy) to boil a cup of hot chocolate and light and safely manage a fire in a contained fire pit to roast marshmallows or apple slices and damper on.


Bow and Arrows

Come and harvest weed species to craft into bow and arrows. This session allows children the experience of using hand tools such as secateurs and hand saws, without the whittling.


Intro to Whittling

Learn the art of whittling in this introductory session. Children will learn how identify local weed species, chop them down using secateurs and hand saws and how to safely use a pen/pocket knife to whittle their sticks into magic wands, fishing rods and walking sticks.


Cubby Town

Join us in our enchanted forest as we build an entire village from weed species, bamboo, pallets, ropes and sheets. A magical childhood wonderland. Children will have access to the hand saw and hand drills in this session.
Additional Extra: Build your own natural pod/cubby to take back to your centre.

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Survival Shelter Building

(extension of cubby town)

Learn how to tie secure knots and use natural resources to build a shelter in the wild. Can you make your shelter waterproof?


Swinging through the Forest

While safely secured in modern Arboriculture tree climbing equipment, children can challenge themselves by swinging through the trees like a monkey, or simply relaxing and meditating on a branch. It's a unique opportunity to sit back in the harness and take in a new perspective of the world, your experience will be different every time.


Natural Crafts

Choose from a myriad of nature crafts using natural resources such as miniature boats, fishing rods, nature mobiles, magic wands and seasonal crafts such as natural Christmas Decorations and much more.


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Come and roam the ever-changing rock-pools at Pt Cartwright with Vicci, our in-house Marine Biologist. Discover sea hares, hermit crabs, sea anemones and the weird and wacky sea cucumber. Build shelters, survey marine animals and collect data to take back with you. Sit and do some nature journalling, get creative and make a beach mandala - the possibilities are endless.

We can provide the specialist knowledge and resources to help take your next beach excursion to the next level.

Download our Excursion Information Pack below and contact us on hello@wildlingsforestschool.com to book.