Where families come together to play, explore, take risks and immerse themselves in nature. We follow the Forest Schooling philosophy where we provide the time, the space and the tools for children to learn new skills in nature through play.

Just some of the many skills children will learn include:

  • How to start, manage fires and cook on fires
  • How to use hand tools such as hammers, bow saws, hand drills and whittling knives
  • How to tie knots and lashings to build cubbies and shelters
  • Flora and fauna identification
  • Making primitive weapons from local weed species
  • Seasons and weather patterns
  • Environment and water conservation
  • Building and floating rafts

Whilst there is some direct instruction (mainly on the safe use of tools/fire management) and we generally invite children to participate in one activity or project, the bulk of our sessions are child-led. We are huge play and self-directed education advocates, which means the sign of a good day for us is when we can step back and just watch the kids play.

Where:  Petrie Creek (Behind the Sunshine Coast PCYC, Nambour)

When: 9:30-12:30pm Wednesday (Term 3 17th July - 18th September)

Ages: 0-8 years

Upfront Weekly Cost (10 week term):

  • 3-6 years $33 per session, per child ($330 upfront)
  • Additional siblings $27.50 ($275 upfront)
  • Siblings under 2 years free of charge

Casual Weekly Cost (only available if not booked out):

  • 3-6 years $45 per session, per child
  • Siblings under 2 years free of charge

Contact us if you'd like to alternate weeks with your regular Kindergarten day or to book in for the remainder of the term.


Please note: We are not a drop-off facility, meaning all children must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver at Forest School.


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