Our weekly Forest Kindergarten Programs give children the opportunity to have quality, unstructured play time outdoors in our Forest School.

Children will have access to a running fresh water creek, plenty of climbing trees, mud, hand tools (such as hand saws, drills & hammers) and natural resources to create a unique project of their own choosing.

Just some of the many skills children will learn include:

  • How to start, manage fires and cook on fires
  • How to use hand tools such as hammers, bow saws, hand drills and whittling knives
  • How to tie knots and lashings to build cubbies and shelters
  • Flora and fauna identification
  • Making primitive weapons from local weed species
  • Seasons and weather patterns
  • Environment and water conservation
  • Building and floating rafts (Sunshine Coast only)

Forest Kindergarten is not just a space for your children to play and learn. It is also a supportive environment for parents and carers to "unlearn" our modern tendencies to over-structure and minimise risky play.

Come along and join us at one of our Forest Kindergarten Programs!